In Ukraine

Professionalism and security

At BIIR allows you to combine the consultants' professional challenge with the tenured engineer's job security.

You become a permanent employee at regular salaried-conditions, and you get through your professional specialty option for challenging, demanding and exciting projects on-site at our customers.

You will join a project team with the customer and are typically responsible for a very specific task or subproject.

The assignments typically last from 6-12 months, but the consultants are often longer by the same customer.

When the task is completed, the BIIR a new assignment for you - and of course any time in line with or better than the previous.

Alternatively, we work for you on one of our production companies, but the most common and the most fun is to work out at customers.

Engineering skills

For applications in large industrial enterprises in East Jutland, inter alia, wind industry we constantly seek skilled engineers with extensive knowledge of a subject which could be typical design, development, FEM calculations, power, PLC programming, quality project management.

You will join one of BIIR's specialist teams and you will experience a professional sparring and challenge at a very high level.

You know the requirements and working in complex development projects and you always look for perfect solutions both functionally, aesthetically and acc. To current standards.

And of course you also know that the structure and documentation combined with exuberant creativity and innovative engineering are the key to success.

Our actual current vacancies you can see below, but we are always interested in competent engineers - regardless of discipline.

We set actually claim

BIIR is a company with plenty of room for everyone, with good opportunities and with really good conditions of employment.

But we expect much of our consultants.

Our consultants typically have at least 5-10 years of net experience in their field and passionate about the practical work in the field and for the theory and vision behind.

As a consultant in BIIR it is important that you are self-propelled and fully aware that the role of a consultant requires more professionally, collegially and socially than a year-long employment in one company.

You must also be included in one of our core teams. A core team is the collaboration we build up with our Ukrainian consultants and specialists on specific tasks for our Danish customers.

And as I said, we know that we demand a lot, but we also know that we can meet these.